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  Medicina homeopática basada en la evidencia. Caso clínico

Homeopathic medicine based on evidence. Case report

M. del Mar Ferré Rodríguez a, Jorge Ferré Veciana a

a Medicina familiar y comunitaria, Desarrollo infantil, Sitges, Barcelona, España

Palabras Clave

Tratamiento homeopático; Dermatitis atópica; Abordaje holístico; Abordaje personalizado; Organización neurofuncional


Homeopathic Treatment; Atopic dermatitis; Holistic approach; Personalized approach; Neurofunctional organisation


In our clinical practice, we find it very difficult to perform clinical studies, but we all can see every day how our patients improve with the homeopathic treatment prescribed. Photographic images or additional tests are a good way to provide support that allows us, sometimes, to quantify the improvement in objective terms.


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