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Prescripción del ejercicio físico durante el embarazo

Physical exercise prescription during pregnancy

F. Mata a, I. Chulvi a, J. Roig a, J.R. Heredia a, F. Isidro a, J.D. Benítez Sillero b, M. Guillén del Castillo b

a Instituto Internacional de Ciencias Aplicadas Actividad Física Salud y Fitness. Universidad de Córdoba. Córdoba. España.
b Departamento de Educación Artística y Corporal. Universidad de Córdoba. Córdoba. España.

Palabras Clave

Gestación. Fitness. Acondiciomiento muscular. Ejercicio aeróbico.


Gestation. Fitness. Muscle-conditioning. Aerobic exercise.


Physical exercise and pregnancy relationship has evolved adapting by the time. Nowadays there are data allow to lay the foundations and establish logical action guidelines for prescription of physical activity in pregnant women, assuring minimum risk and maximum advantages. Therefore, the aim of this review has been compiling the scientific information related to this issue. For this, a detailed search has been done of outstanding studies about this aspect. After the works had been reviewed, we can conclude that a personalized physical exercise combining neuromuscular and cardiovascular training is highly recommended in pregnant women, no matter active or sedentary pregnant state, if pregnancy period is free of medical contraindications and problems.